TEC ART 2023


TEC ART Festival 2023 celebrates its tenth anniversary edition around the controversial theme: DRUGS!

The topic of drugs is urgent not only because of the never-ending, inefficient war on drugs and Big Pharma’s monopoly, but also because of the increasing intertwinement with technology in the form of recreational biotec designer drugs such as 4-FMP, Benzo Fury and 2C-B.

How can we move away from the repressive policies, pushing drug use into illegality and creating a dangerous shadow economy that has a tight grip on both individual users and society as a whole? What does it take to move towards an act of legalization, acknowledging the positive relation between drugs and the development of our art and culture?

TEC ART presents a mind-altering festival program, including a scientific symposium on drugs, an outdoor and indoor expo with mega installations and upcoming talents, two club nights and an obscure cultfilm screening. The thematic research into drugs comes to a high point during GOGBOT Festival from September 7 – 10 in Enschede, but first enjoy this psychedelic edition of TEC ART.